MY background and love of Agriculture goes back to childhood

 I showed Duroc gilts when I was an Officer in the FFA as a kid.    I enjoy razing cattle, horses, swine and turkeys .   My hope is to one day I return and retire to the land and have the ranch that I dream of......... but for now there is other work to do.





Nature is a gift from GOD.   LAND is ours only as stewards. We are to protect it. It is ours to defend. It is ours to till and plow to raise crops upon breed fine animals on. WE place our bounty on one's plate as nutritional and healthy food. Nature is gods way of feeding people.   HIS sun and  HIS light and by a process we call photosynthesis the light takes the nutrients from the earth and combines them with the water to make growth in all living plants. Your corn, your sugar and everything you eat begins with a plant. Larger animals all eat "feed".....feed is grain from a plant. Our cows, swine, goats, turkey, chickens, the milk you drink is the result of our efforts. Food does NOT come from the Grocery store.  Everything you eat comes from a ranch and a farm. The people who do all this hard work to put these delicious T-Bone steaks, hot loafs of bread and tasty  fat turkeys on you Thanksgiving table are farmers & ranchers.


Seems to me each city child's education can not possibly be complete when he/she has no clue how our food is grown or where FOOD comes from.   I would love to set up "school farms"  inside cities where these ghettos and abandoned buildings are today.  Tear them down and plow the land.  Utilizing the already PROVEN RECORD of the FFA as educators of introduce millions of students to agriculture.  FFA programs can be expanded and include all these new STUDENT FARMS growing animals & vegetables for the family table.   Summer Camps could be set up in rural areas.   Interested students could spend a couple of weeks a year living on these farms and working the land and with their own animal project.  Perhaps when State Legislators from these Cities may begin to understand what is going on around them.






Farming is the one  way people can actually “create wealth”.  If you take one grain of corn and plant it can grow one stalk with 3 ears of corn each with more than 1200 new grains thus you have created wealth.   Thru Agriculture American became rich in the first place. 

                                              Never forget this.


FUEL COST and TAXES are large problems to Farmers.

                                         But for now one  very real and NOW source  is Ethanol and the plants are easy to build compared to refineries.   After visiting the panhandle and Amarillo and in Lubbock with Tim Snyder of Texas Tech, I was pleased to see that a new Ethanol plant is built in Hereford. 


                     Agri-Energy Solutions, Inc.     

 The National Sorghum Producers want everyone to realize that sorghum is the number two most used starch source to produce Ethanol.    All the money that we would pay for our fuel WOULD GO TO AMERICAN FARMERS.    Not a dime would go to any foreign country.   I like it.  We need more plants and work hard to develop the Hydrogen Engine which I proposed in 1980 .  

Let's eliminate all  taxes on all building materials & tools and equipment & building & office supplies.   Senceless taxes inhibit growth and cost us JOBS!        Last week I bought a hamburger at a drive thur and I paid a12 cents TAX!   To eat a hamburger!!   

We need to eliminate all taxes on food and on food production or products at all levels.  JOBS!!   We are shooting ourselves in the hooves by taxing our own food.     

ALSO .......Urban Sprawl.

 City governments, supported by well meaning but naive State Representatives and Senators are annexing out into the farm land.      I have proposed replacement taxes that are not anti-private property as are these property taxes.        Property taxes are on my chopping block.


Cities/County  governments always raise PROPERTY TAXES. 

FACT:   EACH year...Local Governments  find some excuse to raise taxes. After the city planners have chopped up our farm land on their drawing boards, then the land developers move in.  Planners  descend on farm lands like a swarm of locust.  Few citizens realize that each developer is charged outrageous "fees"  by City Haul  to be allowed to "develop" any land.  All these "fees" are all passed on to the home builder as he buys the lots and that cost is......all PASSED ON TO THE HOME OWNER    Instead of turning their attentions inward toward the inner city or into the ghettoes where New Construction is needed these people look with hungry eyes toward the pure clean land of the farmer and rancher.  The cities consider  farmers and ranchers .... as "easy pickings".  It is a know fact that Property Taxes create the ghettoes.    

Developers also build shopping centers on farm land.  These malls are covering our precious fertile soil with asphalt. This "growth " gives the APPRAISALS DISTURCTS an "excuse".   They THEN....RE-APPRAISE the value our land .  The city can raise the property taxes based upon the value of the new structures that now sit on our farm land; Catch 22.   Also...if you IMPROVE your property...they RAISE YOUR TAXES !!!

Look at all the farm land around Austin that has been destroyed by such acts.   Austin has used Eminent Domain to take farmers land that has been in the families for up to 5 generations.  They then build TOLL ROADS on crop lands.  That way  ...more and more people can get to Austin so they can buy more new houses and THEREFORE....they get to RAISE YOUR PROPERTY TAXES!   The endless cycle that I intend to attack. 


All roads will be OPEN and Free to all TEXANS.  FREE ACCESS by anyone to all the roads and hwys.  Since the TAXPAYERS paid for all these right-of-ways they/we are the RIGHTFUL OWNERS.   If you OWN something...then OF can use it when you please. NO MORE TOLL ROADS.  

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