$20 trillion hidden by CORPORATIONS AND BANKS off shore

Also Mitt Romney with his $60 $billion and his Corp Baine Capitol Corporation address is : BOX 60 D   in the Grand Cayman Island. .

[you must view this video of how this network of hidden money works]

General Electric is planning to move its 115-year-old X-ray division from Waukesha, Wis., to Beijing.

Keep your eye on Waukesha, Wisconsin......Their biggest employer just moved out. General Electric is planning to move its 115-year-old X-ray division from Waukesha, Wis., to Beijing.

In addition to moving the headquarters, the company will invest $2 billion in China and train more than 65 engineers and create six research centers.

This is the same GE that made $5.1 billion in the United States last year, but paid no taxes  -the same company that employs more people overseas than it does in the United States.

OBAMA appoints GE Chairman Jeff Immelt to head his commission on JOB CREATION [job czar] and the Chairman moves his GE. Cartel to CHINA? 

[read it yourself ]

We American workers need a new banking system that we each "co-own" as "shareholders/co-op members" and we each receive a dividend check based upon any bank profit.   

  [below see the Details of the  New Proposed

   AMERICAN CO-OP Credit Bank System]




[Below see the Details how we each will receive money from any growth in our own economy through the New Proposed    AMERICAN CO-OP Credit Bank System]

                                  Description: Thomas Jefferson picture

Perhaps that is why Thomas Jefferson warned...

3rd president of US (1743 - 1826)  

I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.

Jefferson was right.  Look around at these bankers wallowing in Millions $$$ while most of us can’t pay the bills or fill up your gas tank!! 


 GREED !               PURE GREED !!


Video on who runs the money supply


The U.S. Central Banking system is unless, dangerous and abusive to most American workers and has now attacked our Military Veterans.

JP MORGAN, Bank of America, Wells Fargo Accused of Overcharging Military Veterans 

Description: Veterans Banks

 [

In what is only the latest instance of questionable?


Mortgage practices coming to light, a new lawsuit claims that 13 banks and mortgage companies -- including Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JPMorgan and PNC Bank -- charged hidden, illegal fees to military veterans trying to refinance their homes.

  [View the videos and see just how wreck less and callous these bankers are.]

Bankers now admit that they are "sloppy and stupid as they lose 2 Billion dollars gambling with 100 Billion dollars of our money.  


  • News for Jamie Dimond


Sydney Morning Herald

Dimon: 'We know we were sloppy'

2 days ago

might have noticed david gregory joins us in new york. the head of jpmorgan jamie diamond, has given exclusive comments to you for sunday's broadcast of ...

 And to prove to all Americans ....once and for all just how deep the greed of Bankers is and how uncontrollable our Central Bank System is......listen to this.   The day after Jamie Diamond and J.P. Morgan Bank admitted they lost near 3 billion dollars on a 100 billion dollar gamble ....the stockholders of J.P. Morgan meet and all voted and gave Jamie Diamond a $26 Million Dollar Bonus for his "hard work"  for the year.    

The entire banking system will be scrapped and we will not institute a new system that is backed up the CO-OP and Credit Union concepts.  Fannie Mae and Freddy Mack and the central bank all combined into citizen owned CO-OP.  

 It is already being done in many areas of our nation now.   In Guadalupe County Texas the Company was founded in 1951 and is based in New Braunfels, Texas. Guadalupe Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc. provides broadband telecommunication services to residential and businesses customers in South Central Texas.  [ Address 36101 FM 3159; New Braunfels, TX 78132 Phone: 830-885-4411 Fax: 830-885-2400  If you go to you will see that your new American Banking System is already up and running.  All we do is add "BANKING SERVICES" to the services already being provided by our new CO_OP and in the bylaws we make a small change on page one as to who can become members.   It now reads.."    Any eligible person, firm, association, corporation, or body politic or subdivision thereof may become a member of Guadalupe Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (hereinafter called the Co-op) by:   We DELETE that and insert "Any 18 yr old American citizen not convicted of a felony" 

Can it work?  It is working  It is very successful member owned CO-OP operating today and paying dividends to its members annually.  Yes..  each member receives a check when the CO-OP makes any profit at all.   Anytime the CO-OP income is greater than "operational cost", a profit is created is divided up and returned to each member by Dividend Check .    

Under our new BANKING SYSTEM all American workers will be receive a check every 3 months.

And if you really want to let your mind wonder to the great possibilities of just how great a quarterly dividend check ....each of us can receive.........what if we added to the "income of the CO-OP...All the millions of dollars taken in by the National Forest Service for the sale of "OUR LUMBER"   What about the billions $$$ from off shore oil leases?  Who owns all that oil?  Does the GOVERNMENT or  do .... 'WE The PEOPLE" own all these resources?  What about all the water?  The airways?    Who owns the confiscated drug money, automobiles, lost freight and unclaimed funds?   Do ALL AMERICANS own it or it just another way that State and Federal Governments steal "property" that belongs to us all?    How many millions of trees do you think are sold each year from YOUR FOREST?    Think about it.

So if we build this BANKING CO-OP ......and find other "income" to bring into the books.......then each American will get a larger and larger check each Quarter.    Theoretically.... there is no limit to the amount of check we each may get from EARNED INCOME.....from being a Hard Working Law Abiding American.    In short....we all get to participate in the growth of the country economy....financially...with a check. 

HELL NO !! The banker will die before they will allow you to get rich like they are.

They will fight like hell to stop ..." we working slobs" from getting control of OUR MONEY SUPPLY .......or to get a "divided check " form the  fruits of our labor and from the fruits of our national treasures... that we all already own.   

The  question is..... WHO OWNS AMERICA?  "WE THE RICH"...  or it is  WE THE PEOPLE"?          YOU DECIDE.

WARNING:  How far will bankers and Cartels and corporations go to keep control of all our money?      Well.......look at what they tried last time and this treasonous  plot is not even taught in our schools.  I myself did not know of it until I did a deep research into our banking system.   You probably never even heard of it before?     Fact is they will NOT give up the banking system without a fight.  Be forewarned people.





I have outline here a New Banking System that pays all American citizens for their hard work in contributing to the total overall economy. That is only just and proper that the hard workers get some of the rewards.   OF COURSE there will those who do NOT WANT to see the poor or the working class succeed. They will scream and yell and call their politicians and protest such a "CRASY IDEA" as workers getting part of what they fight and die to protect on the battlefield.

UNITED WE STAND......Below are a series of videos that I think everyone of you should watch and look at to inform you more about the RICH ELETE and the cunning type of bankers and people you are up against.  Each video speaks for itself.    We have all been lied to so long and with such great lies.....that we do not know what to think.   Believe in yourself and in hard work and that there are more of us....than there are of them.   If we all BAN TOGETHER........we can defeat them and change America to what it used to be once.......When HONOR and TRUTH were a way of living and Justice did exist in our courts... not for just the rich.  It can be again............but we have to TAKE IT BACK.    THEY GOT IT.   They got it and all the money..       good luck 

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