Star Locke's Biography


As a young cowboy on his stick horse, young Robert rode the range with Roy and Dale. Wanting to help his father, he mailed his "authentic" Roy Rogers pearl-handle cap gun to his he could "shoot the bad guy, Hitler".


                   Locke wears dad’s combat boots and army cap     

After victory in Europe, Captain Locke was offered a regular Army commission, promoted to Major, and transferred to work under General Douglas McArthur as part of the "Occupation Forces" in Japan . It was there in the sea of Japan that Bobby Locke first learned unique ocean swimming techniques from Japanese pearl divers. Secrets that would lead to his swimming records later in life.


                                at the sea of Japan 1946

US Military dependents in Japan in early 1946 were under armed guard 24 hours a day and moved locally only with Military escort vehicles and convoys with mounted 50 caliber machine guns. Many die-hard Japanese refused to surrender and were constantly blowing up trains and burning buildings and Ammunition dumps.

Young Locke saw the horrors and atrocities can be of evil and As a 6 year old boy in Japan, young Locke saw custom hand made Japanese lamp shades that were of made of human skin. The Japanese Military Commanders prided themselves in having "skin shades" in their homes. The Japanese Officers skinned American Marines and had craftsmen make lamp shades out of their skin. The most sought after prized lamps and most valued possession of the Japanese was of a lampshade taken from tattooed skin with the emblem U.S. MARINE CORPS on it!


        actual photo taken from the plane that dropped it

As a child young Locke viewed many life changing sites. Locke is one of the few people alive who actually witnessed with his own two eyes the actual Blast Site, all covered grey ash at "Ground Zero" in Hiroshima 6 months after the it happened.  Locke remembers that he and his brother and sister were instructed by Major Locke to "Look at this....LOOK AT THIS AND NEVER EVER FORGET IT AS LONG AS YOU LIVE.       What your eyes are seeing here this day."     One such vivid memory is of one wall of what was left of a skeleton of a building on the side of the wall; you could see the perfectly outlined silhouettes of 6 people, a family of Japanese who were obviously walking down the road when the Blast went off. All 4 adults and 2 children were instantly vaporized. The only thing left was the outlines of their bodies welded by the heat branding their human outlines to the wall !   It looked just as if an artist had painted a mural on the wall surrounded by a world of ash-grey fallen out, the result of the incineration of man and material created by the many kilotons Fireball.

This vision and memory of Ground Zero has given Star a deeper understanding of the existence of total evil in the world. Star realizes that sometimes it takes the use of all your weapons to defeat such an evil empire. Star understands that evil exists it today's world also. In Iraq and with these Islam fanatics, this is not new. "We have seen this before in the Kamikazes of Japan. A lesson we all should learn.

Next the Army transferred the family back to the states. Bobby attended schools in California, Kansas and Oklahoma. While in High School at Lawton [Ft Sill],  Bobby Locke was elected Chaplain of the Future Farmers of America developing a love for the land and for Animal Husbandry.


Transferring again in his Senior year to Europe, Bobby graduated High School in Paris, France .


During that summer, he joined a baseball league at USAEUR HQS in Heidelberg, Germany and won the MVP Award for the League and turned down a contract with the New York Yankees to attended the University of Oklahoma at the request of Sooner-Head Coach Bud Wilkinson. Just feeling happy he was on the same field with the real stars, Locke made up for it with hard work and drive.


 As a Sooner linebacker, Bobby was known as a "sticker" who loved to tackle and intercept balls. While at O.U., Bobby studied in Political Science under such famous professors as,  Chinese and Asian- C.I.A. Advisor M. Buchanan PH.D.   While there Locke was elected President of the College Republicans in Norman.


As war clouds gathered, Locke voluntarily entered the US Regular Army as a “grunt" in his 2nd year at O.U.   After Basic Training as a Combat Rifleman at Ft. Dix, New Jersey, Locke received a  direct Presidential Nomination by John F. Kennedy to the United States Military Academy.   He then was sent to the US Army Military Academy Prep School at Ft Belvoir, Virginia.  While at Belvoir, Locke also studied Advanced Standing courses at night in  Euro-Geo Politics and N. A.T.O.;  at George Washington University.

As the Cuban crisis heightened, Locke was offered a classified mission against Castro. Already recognized as a World Class Swimmer, he volunteered for the “operation". Locke was approached and recruited for the Mission by relative Senator John Tower of Texas, Chairman of the Senate Armed Forces Committee. Pvt Locke left Ft. Belvoir for Jump School at Benning in case the assault should be a night drop. Next on to a Florida beach training with the Navy team preparing for the mission.

The decision was made to make the assault by sea at night. Making a free assent from a submarine the team made their way to the beach undercover of darkness. As word of the covert operation leaked to the enemy, Castor's Forces were waiting at midnight as the 6 men hit the beach. Some agency or double-agent must have leaked it to Castro.

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The operation was "dead on arrival" as the team walked into the trap. As flares lit up the sky, the team encountered small arms, heavy mortar and withering machine gun fire! Retreating back into the water with long underwater strokes, Locke swam into the open sea and 3 days later was picked up by a banana boat out of Haiti. Locke was the sole survivor

In similar stressful fashion as Gary Power’s U-2 ordeal being shot down and captured by the Soviet Union and the negative press of that of Col. O. North in July of 1987 when he warned our disbelieving US CONGRESS, of the grave danger from Ben Laden as no one listened.

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Locke took the heat and the fall to cover up the Castro take-out attempts.
The U.S. Government denied any knowledge of the operation thus refuting the common-knowledge claims that Castro and Kennedy were both trying to assassinate each other. We all know the end result to JFK of these attempts. Senator Tower and JFK were later both murdered. Pvt Locke received his Honorable Discharge, returned to civilian life life and moved to San Antonio to open a Construction Company building affordable housing and rebuilding in the East & West side ghettoes. .

This was abandoned house in the ghetto floor joist, jacked up the roof…

and by sweat and hard work turned it into a new home for a working family.

Moving  back to the water and beach he loves,  Locke moved to N. Padre Island Texas and started his cow and horse ranch.  He continued to rehab neighborhoods while building affordable housing for working people.  


It was not much later, while hanging around the Mexican border towns, that Robert Locke acquired the nick-name "Star".

One night at a Cantina across the Mexico border, Star and couple of cowboys entered the place to have a "few cold ones". As they entered there was a confrontation going on at the counter between the large bald headed 6 ft 3" white manager and a simple Mexican traveler who was trying to get some food to go. Seems that the 150 pound smaller, humble man had a family out side who needed some beans and tacos to quiet the hungry children.  As the traveler pleaded with the owner "Please Senor, here is $5....just give us the food it will buy and we will be on our way". At that the owner became even more irritated. "I told you must wait ...we are very busy now .....later...later", he snarled. At that point the hungry wife and kids entered the restaurant, confused as to why it was taking so long for the easy order. She walked directly up to the man and wanted to know the delay. "Why we cant buy $5 worth of food?" she asked The owner then lost it, the man put his hands on her and told her to leave "You're causing a scene, get out of my place!" he demanded. The lady was obviously 5 or 6 months pregnant and she tripped and fell.


 Locke grabbed the owner by the shoulder, swung him around, and placed a Hay-Maker right on his mouth!!!! This was not just a "punch" this one came up from the floor!!!

 Locke reached down deep and brought this "lick" up from the ground with all the might he possessed!   Caught totally by surprise, the owner was sent flying across the room, landing on top of a table occupied by customers. .  Knocked-Out Cold!  The man slid the length of the table his limp body taking all the plates, glasses of beer, dishes of hot sauce and tortillas with him!   The customers had just received 8 steaming enchilada plates and pitchers of beer and drinks were now covered with the mess!

As Locke turned to see what damage he had done, he realized he had ruined all the customers clothes. But worse; he recognized 4 of the customers. There sat, covered in food, 4 attractive Hispanic ladies, Big John Hamilton, Happy Shayhand, Slim Pickens, and sitting at the end of the table with enchiladas,  all the food and  dripping beer off his chest…….. sat  John Wayne !               

The Duke

At that point Locke knew his life was over!

Everyone in the place froze in time!

Not a sound could be heard as all eyes turned toward the Duke to see what he was going to do.   Seconds seem like hours as the Duke rose slowly from his chair to his full overpowering height and stature silently wiping the mixture of enchiladas, tacos, hot sauce, tortillas  and beer from his clothes and his lap!

 John Wayne's  eyes surveying the wreckage that he was standing in, his steely eyes fixed on Bobby.   Such a look from the Duke could chill a man's soul and Locke felt his knees go weak.   He could see himself flying across the room. Then, in what seemed like a lifetime, John Wayne spoke....

The duke turned slowly to Slim and grinned and said..... 

"Well Slim, I guess there is still a Star over Texas".

A real American !

At his words the Mexican on lookers began to chant "estrella" "estrella" as the room broke out in applause for both John Wayne and the new "Star". The rest is history.

Once again in 1991 when war clouds loomed with Iraq and, Star answered the call. In a true Texan and in the tradition of Dave Crockett style, Star volunteered for Desert Storm Volunteer Brigadier General.  . As a Freedom Fighter bound for Saudi, Star got as far as Paris before hostilities broke out. Recognizing a need existed in Paris and gaining National media acclaim across Europe, Star was an inspiration to many US Marine and Military & Civilian Personnel in Europe and at the US . Embassy. When the Embassy learned that Locke had Volunteered and paid for his own plane ticket to join the fight, one US Marine Sgt. Embassy Guard came to Attention and snapping a salute, was quoted as saying  "YOU INSPIRE THE HELL OUT OF US, SIR"!

In Paris - Teaming up with an Israeli Veteran Colonel, Star was publicly supporting the operation and assuring the Israelis in Europe of the solid US commitment.  The message that the Israelis need not “attack” was well publicized and received.  Locke gained valuable Arab experiences while dealing with the shadow Saudis as they masquerade as our “friends” while they are actually the hidden financiers and godfathers of  not only 911 but also they finance Islam in its eternal Jihad against it’s “blood enemies” Christians and Jews.


Talking and dealing with Saudis in their Embassy in Paris taught Locke that they look at Americans like a alligator looks at a their next meal. They despise us so much they will not even allow a Christian tourist to visit their country. Locke learned that Saudi Arabia is a pure dictatorship by a ruling family which includes Ben laden.


Ben lain is a member of the Royal Saudi family.

Islam is not a “religion”; any more than “Shintoism” was a religion.
Islam is an ARMY ; a military force which has infiltrated most of the world and now seeks “home grown” recruits  traitors who only now await their orders to “march”.   Leading the ‘verbal mouth attack is Iran who has already “VOWED” a “sacred oath” to destroy Israel and the Jewish race.  They have publically stated that …”we will build  atomic  weapons a delivery systems and destroy Israel and if we are destroyed in return then we gladly  die for Allah.”.   Locke learned what all the Israel Military soldiers already know…..”if they build or buy a “heavy weapon”---they will use it”! 
THAT ….can not be allowed.   U.S. Military and the Israeli Military both agree with that  US. Troops should began to take R & R in Israel .   American Military dependents could live there and be much closer to their deployed “Active Duty” relatives.  Both Christian and Jews need to “open up” to each other and study each others culture and history.  Both Jews and Christians are blood related.   If not proved by  D & A ,  then it is proved by the blood that was spilled  of Jesus on Israel soil by our GOD - “Christ”  …their rabbi …both….descendants from Abraham thur David.  That land of Israel was given to them forever:  in Genesis 28.  …:"I am the LORD, the God of your father Abraham and the God of Isaac. I will give you and your descendants the land on which you are lying. 14 Your descendants will be like the dust of the earth, and you will spread out to the west and to the east, to the north and to the south. All peoples on earth will be blessed through you and your offspring. 15 I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you."”     

THE U.S. ARMY WAR COLLEGE even today teaches Israeli battle tactics.
The genius of Generals like Moses, Gideon, Joshua, David and the present commanders are legendary.

Israel soldiers ---         FIRE !!!!

Female Sniper
EVERYONE -FEMALES --- All Israel serve  3 years when they turn 18.

“Early this year I travel to Israel on a fresh mission there  I hope to learn more about “border tactics” from their Military & Civilian authority.   It has also been suggested that such a climate of respect now exists between TEXANS & ISRALES that we move to a next level of brotherhood.   If Texas must  import foreign goods…. perhaps these goods should  be manufactured in Israel.  What logic can justify our exporting our jobs to China while we purchase cheap junk from communist china?  What happened to our commitment to “labor laws” or “civil rights” ?     Texas workers CAN NOT compete against -“slave labor”.    Wages range from 60 cents per hour  in Asia ….all the way up to  a HIGH of  even the $19 dollars per day paid just across the our border inside Mexico .   ENOUGH! 

The Saudis refused to issue Locke a visas saying that they “don't want Americans to pollute their pure minds with our infidel ideas.” They even refused the US Ambassador request.

Locke learned why  they call  it “The NATION of  ISLAM”.  These killers use  FEAR to subjugate nations.  While in Paris, Locke witnessed the riots and chaos caused when European countries surrender and give in to the terror of Islam and their secret plans for world domination.



Following his return to Texas, Star became even more convinced of his call to serve.  



                              WAKE UP   TEXAS !


Sadly many kind-hearted and well meaning Christians and Texans have fallen for the GREAT LIE of Islam.   ISLAM is a LIE!.   Study it.  Mohammad was a common thief and highway man.  He and his band of marauders used “blackmail” and “kidnappings” and demanded “ransom” from others or he would “behead” them.  MOHAMMAD was  the father of TERRORISM. 

Look at FT Hood.  They have now infiltrated our Army.  Now they almost succeeded with another explosive inside a plane.  They are hear people.    We need to require all believers of Islam to “register” as “foreign gents.   We require “sex-offenders” to register.  At least we will know where they are while we have a national debate on the entire issue of declassification it as a religion. 

“We are a religion and only want to live in peace”,  

Islam & Al-Qaeda


Next: Star returned to Construction and moved to N. Padre Island in 1999 and began to re-build his Construction business and a working ranch on the beach.    To celebrate the D-Day landing  [ 6 June 44 ] of US Forces on Normandy beach in France,  on June 6, 2003 Locke hoping to draw attention the priceless cost that was paid that day by U.S. Military Forces and to have young people stop and think TO REMEMBER --- LEST WE FORGET,  Locke staged a Honor Swim. The event was a  5 mile swim in the Gulf of Mexico to the beach on Padre Island-with no rescue boat in the water. This was to draw attention to the sacrifices of the courageous men who hit that beach on that day.  Thousands Americans rest there to this day at the cemetery just above the beach.  


      LOCKE gets a “well done" hug from D-Day Survivor  Col. Rizitto


  Col.Rizitto explains the real battle on D-Day   

Col James Rizitto (ret) D-Day Survivor-- greeted Star as he came ashore. When asked about D-Day, Col. Rizitto explained how it was on that day, "realizing we probably were going to our deaths, most of us meet with a Chaplain and took the last rites."  

 Col. Rizitto remembers that "for more than 100 yards off the beach the sea ran red with American Blood".

Where do we find such Men? Do we have that type of Courage today? Do we deserve such Sacrifice?


Since 1969, Star has made it his duty to create jobs and contribute to the improvement of his neighborhoods; one job at a time; one lot at a time; one home at a time.


A carpenter himself focusing his efforts inside the inner city, Star has rehabbed many boarded-up houses in the ghetto and the barrio and rebuilt them for the Affordable Housing market.


Finding that Affordable Housing for young families is a major problem in Texas, Star dives in and attacks the rot.  Locke operates a small Construction business and ranches out of love for the land and animals.

Star has strong beliefs in God and agrees with Washington. George Washington wrote that," should we want our liberty secure and freedom to endure, we must “acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, obey his will, be grateful for his benefits, and humbly implore his protection and favors."

A newly  Baptized catholic, Star is now a also a member of the Knights of Columbus and also and also serves as Minister of Communion at Church.

In  2005  Locke lost his 50 acre beach ranch on Padre Island to the CITY OF CORPUS CHRISTI.  The City “annexed”  North Padre Island by a vote in the dead of the night and declared that Padre Island is now “CORPUS CHRISTI”.   Horse and cattle ranchers with “property tax exemptions” are not allowed under City Decree.   So using the excuse that Locke “did not water his horse” and “animal abuse”, the City of Corpus rustled the entire herd of horses and cows….and even took the breeding turkeys and a pet goat.  OFFICER in the FUTURE FARMERS of AMERICA  rancher Locke, was helpless to fight “City Hall”…alone. .  

Now stuck with double and higher property taxes, the local N. Padre Island home owners now wish  that they had fought against the “annexation”.    $ Millions of $ dollars annually are now sucked out of the Islanders pockets and spent on GOD KNOWS WHAT…..inside the dark cavers of City Budgets.   Locke lost his ranch and moved South into the Texas Valley. 

A herd of fat cattle

After witnessing  the steady loss of “private property” by TEXANS and tax abuse of  private property owners,  Locke decided to take them on.               

Locke filed for Governor against Perry in 06.

TOTALLY  IGNORED by PERRY the Bush controlled Republican Party, Locke never got to first base.  Locke attacked Ton Delay and the corruption of the Republican Party.  Locke was actually even refused a glass of water by the Party Committee… the Republican County Meeting in Bryan at Texas A & M.

Even today Locke effort  against Rick Perry and his “toll roads “ took root.  .  Perry was/ is building a 600  mile super highway Trans-Texas Corridor dividing Texas in half.  This monster is to be 1/2 mile across consisting of vehicle lanes, utility line lanes,  railroad track lanes for commuter trains and freight trains for foreign imported containers,  oil pipe lines and who know what next.  

 This is done with the support of NAFTA driven international Consortium's which gives the construction and  control of the road over to a foreign entity.    Reminds us all of the deal BUSH had going to sell American Ports.   Governor Rick Perry is taking tax payers dollars to build this monster toll road which swallows up private property including 120 year old ranches and farms by the use of EMINENT DOMAIN and thus he  confiscates their land by the state.   NAFTA and its buddies are doing this to the benefit Corporations reaping windfall profits by operating in Mexico without the burden of Environmental Laws or Minimum Wages demanded by US Laws.  During the race for Governor of Texas there was never one debate by the Republican Party or one discussion of these  issues.  My primary race was totally ignored and Perry who was not even in the state when the primary election took place.   The General election votes were split among 1 Democratic and  2 Independent opponents with  Perry retaining the office with barely 39% of the vote.

Government by confiscation for the rich and powerful now  rule in Texas. 

During the 2006 race for governor of TEXAS, Star came to realize just how deep the rot  is and how great the corruption has spread within the Republican Party. 

TOM DELAY was finally arrested but the crimes are so many.  The plan is to  “out-source” our jobs to insourse their pocket books. 

“Open Borders” and “free trade” --the AMERO currency and they speak of  world government and “global economy”.  What happened to MY JOB IN TEXAS?

They now want one world government and international business now dictates their American policy

After the 06 election,  Star saw dark clouds from the Mexican border and realized that our IMMIGRATION  problem was out of hand and no one hand and needed a solution. . 

Remembering his grandmother advise of ..."you do not know a man till you walk a mile in his mossicans"  Star moved across the Rio into Mexico and walked miles in their mossicans.     Locke realized that we need to “research any question” to know the "why" of a problem before we can make a recommendation as to a "cure".   Star moved INSIDE MEXICO and spent the next 14 months with his “boots on the ground” in Mexico.   Living among the Mexican people as a rancher and looking for facts.    Locke crossed back across the Mexican border to  Harlingen into “the valley” to compile his research for his REPORT which he will issue on Feb. 1st 2010.   Locke now believes that  IMMIGRATION is NOW a matter of
- National Security of the United States.     


Since 08, Locke has been remodeling & building New Homes at Port Aransas.


Star’s  2009 Model Home at Spencers Landing at Port Aransas…

God’s  Speed  Locke


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