Wall Street took big exec bonuses

Despite meltdown and massive bailouts, record bonuses are being paid

From left, Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. CEO Lloyd Blankfein; JPMorgan Chase & Company CEO James Dimon; Morgan Stanley Chairman John Mack, and Bank of America Corporation CEO  Brian Moynihan, took some of the blame for the country’s economic state in Capitol Hill testimony Wednesday

 NEW YORK - The fat cats lick their chops with MILLIONS IN BONUSUS!

 Wall Street's most prominent firms — by their own admission —



Now we wake up, as if from a daze, to find ourselves paralyzed, unable to be heard or be a part of our own political process. Who among us has the $MILLIONS$ it takes to run for high office? Does that not show us that our system it totally broken? I thought ANYONE could grow up and be president? What happened to America? When was the last time a worker, farmer/ rancher or soldier became President?

Star hauls gate post to build fences by horseback

What we eat, where we shop, what we can buy, all these are now limited choices that we can make. Today our lives are controlled by corporate giants. Government and paid professional politicians with teams of attorneys are ready to pounce upon any working "slob" should we dare to "rock" their plans for money or our lives.

Today our politicians have sold out to "special interest" like banks, credit card companies, lobbyist & fat-cat millionaires at home and even from Godless foreign countries. There are so many government approved mergers that no one knows what your bank's name or cell phone company's name will be when you wake each day. Not to mention that with each merger the new company has no responsibility to honor the "CONTRACTS" or Warranties of the previous company. Who do you sue? If your lawn mower, computer or TV goes on the blink while under warranty, have you ever tied to call the 800 number given to you by Wal-Mart or Sonny or Dell? By "mergers" and outsourcing these companies avoid the warranties and guarantees we Americans were used to having on all our products. Last week I called Dell on my "extended warranty" and spoke first with a man in Calcutta. A pleasant man who was reading from a manual depending upon my questions and replies. He admitted to me that he was being paid $10 per day. My second call to "Dell" was diverted to the Philippines. I finally gave up after 5 hours of frustration. All products sold in the USA should be "repaired where they are sold"! Each customer should be able to walk back into the same location where the product was purchased have it repaired or replaced. This idea is not new. The seller is responsible as it always was in the 50's.



"As nightfall does not come all at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be aware of change in the air however slight, least we become unwitting victims of the darkness."

Justice William O. Douglas, US Supreme Court (1939-75)
For whom does the bell toll?
Our loss of liberty happened so slowly... and, I would like to think that they never realized the harm that they have or would cause by removing our GOD JEHOVA and replacing HIM with the god "DOLLAR." Perhaps that is why we were told in the 10 commandments about "thy shall have no other gods before me". Perhaps that is why Jesus told us......"that no man can serve two masters...you will either cling to one and hate the other". As often times is the case, when "man" decides he can go it on his own, he discovers the hard way that the path he chose is filled with bottomless pits and deadly serpents ready to swallow up the arrogant and prideful.

 "Made in the USA".

How did America loose our Manufacturing plants? When did all this start? Why did we not notice the first signs of danger? It happened in the early 60's when corporations discovered there was much more money to make, faster and quicker than "by the sweat of our brow". "Made in the USA" could now be manufactured elsewhere.

Sadly I was an innocent part of the destruction of American Manufacturing. I was young and had just got a job with General Electric in the Credit Division and was based out of Denver-GECU. I really knew nothing about finance, but they hired me and trained me themselves. My job was to service all the G.E. Dealers in Wyoming, Nebraska and the Western slope of Colorado.

I would call on General Electric Dealers in small towns. General Electric would place our products like TV's, washers/dryers, toasters, refrigerators, ranges -everything we manufactured- inside these dealer stores on a "loan" basis. Meaning G.E. Would "loan" each item to the store owner. We call it being "held in trust" and was listed on a "trust receipt". Each time I visited a dealer I would take my list which had the serial numbers of all our items.......and try to match my list to any item still remaining in his store. If I could not find an item in his show room, we assumed it to be sold....and I would bill him on the spot. I took all the items on my "receipt" and added up all the missing items....and made him out a bill. He would write me a check.....and I would be on my way to the next dealer.

One day my boss called me in and informed me that General Electric was in trouble. Seems that Sears was getting all the business and we were losing money and our dealers. What happened was top executives at SEARS had come across an idea of how to take all G.E's customers away from us. Sears let people take items home without having had paid for them. By letting customers just sign a piece of paper they could walk out the store and and take the item home. With very little or no money down, customers had possession of a new washing machine, T.V., or range. Sears new credit scheme was killing our business. Sears called this plan........REVOLVING CHARGE.

Up till this time in history American Manufacturing Companies were satisfied to make a 4 - 6 % profit for their investors on any manufacturing operation. That was after paying all the bills and labor....they were satisfied with a normal profit to build "Made in America" products. G.E. was so panicked by Sears that we ran out.......copied their "REVOLVING CHARGE" contract [after altering the document just enough] to make it a "G.E PLAN". It worked. We began to selling items again.....we were back in business. All except in Nebraska where the Attorney General of that state informed Sears and G.E. that "if you charge those outrageous interest rates in Nebraska, I will arrest you for breaking "USURY LAWS". Sears and G.E. Promptly abandoned Nebraska rather than face jail.

Next......G.E. Executives.......realized that they were reaping unbelievable profits on these Charge Accounts!! Depending on add on fees, finance and carrying charges figured on an annual %...we were making millions! So.......why would anyone wish to "manufacture products and make 6% when we can farm the manufacturing out....to the Japanese....and make 40%, 50% and in some cases over 100% .......on a simple piece of paper !

So.....the next few years were spent devising ways to get others to do the work and ......"outsourcing" was born. Lets farm out all the production to anyone who wanted it; the Japanese got the bulk of it. As we laid off workers and closed plant after plant after plant inside America, Corporate profits soared off the charts!! YES, Stock holders were getting rich by "selling credit". Why make a T.V. or a toaster, when you can let someone else sweat and do all the work while we sit back and collect the profits on interests? Today 45 years later with trillions of dollars in negative cash flow and hundreds of millions of lost jobs abroad are we ready to open our eyes and see what has been going on here?

ONCE the Corporations got as much money as they could from selling “credit” they still wanted MORE !!   They turned to identify and find the poorest of the world’s poor.  Manufacturing plants were built in the 3rd world where people could be hired for as low as $ 2 dollars per day in working conditions an animal would not tolerate!  

  GREED-knows no limits; the pit is bottomless as to how low these vultures will stoop.


If we look at what today’s politicians did and "follow their money trail" and "back track" their steps" we will see how they tricked us and how to bring our jobs back home. Case in point: Remember Republican Majority Leader Congressman Tom Delay and his "money laundering" from the rich Chinese investors?

Remember Delay was passing out millions of campaign dollars to his political buddies in Washington D.C. & Governor Rick Perry in Texas?

If we study and see what Tom Delay did and how they did it, we can solve this mess. Lord knows how many hours and months these politicians plotted and carried on to come up with their devious plan to circumvent the laws. Let's just reverse what they did.

What they did was they found small Siapan island which is part of the Mariana Islands in the Pacific and was a bloody battle ground during WW 11 where at the cost of thousands of marines lives. Delay and his friends in the Congress had Siapan declared a "US PROTECTORATE. As they drew up the bill in Congress, they carefully made "exceptions" and "exemptions" to the standard U.S. Protectorate Law which included no adherence to minimum wage Labor law or to any environmental laws.

Congressman Delay together with a Chinese businessman came up with a plan to make millions of bucks. The Chinese built a factory on this island and began importing poverty stricken Chinese women to work the plants. The workers were paid $10-15 per day and had to live in buildings provided by the company. The workers lived in a compound that was surrounded by barbed wire. New workers had no money for food or housing so they were given "credit" to purchase items through a "company store". Worker's "tabs" would be deducted from their pay checks each week. One "kicker" was that they were also charged for the flight from China over to Siapan. This put the employees in debit-on-arrival to the Company. There was one way females could get added "credit" against the bill they had run up at the "company store".... they could "entertain" visiting businessmen and politicians. Each time VIPs arrived on the island lavish parties were given by the Company. If any female worker wanted to "join in" and "entertain" the visitors she could earn extra credits to be deducted from her bill. If a girl was "very pleasant" and "accommodating" to the visitors she would be given "Bonus Points" and invited to "entertain" again and again. Free enterprise at work courtesy of the US Congress. Tom Delay has since been forced to resign from the Congress and is under indictment for "money laundering" charges in Travis County [Austin,Texas] by the humble District Attorney Mr Earl. We applaud Mr Earl for courageously wading into that den of snakes and wish him well in bringing more of these slimy serpents to justice. Delay was doling out the millions in campaign contributions money to his buddies in Congress and in Texas. Congressman's Tom Delay's arrest and indictment is little consolation to the Chinese female workers. WOW !!! TOM DELAY...." THANKS TOM"!

This is just one example of how corrupt and abusive our political system has become under professional politicians.


We can bring these manufacturing jobs back to the U.S.A.

By building a NEW AMERICAN CO-OP BANK [owned by all Americans] System….small business owners can get low interest loans to build manufacturing plants and Business Start-Up Money….here in the USA …..and making these funds AVAILABLE to small business we will build washers & dryers, and shirts & skirts and textiles and all items we Americans need…..BUILT BY AMERICANS AT HOME !! 

Jobs can come back home and we can rebuild America the same way our forefathers did; with hard work and sweat. All Corporations, companies, persons doing business in/with or importing into the USA will be legally bound at the place of origin and manufacture of their product or service by the U.S. Labor and Environmental Laws governing work done on US soil and any U.S. Protectorate. NO exceptions. This begins TODAY and the US Minimum wage will now become the standard for the Free World.

Why should Americans care about Mexican/foreign workers in far lands working for $10 per day? By allowing these American Corporations to operate unchecked and without rules in foreign lands, are we interfering in what could have been the natural development of their economy and middle-class following their own cultures? By turning our heads to these human rights abuses abroad are we "accomplices"? Are we voters "guilty as charged" in these crimes causing poverty? Is evil " Poverty" a sin against humanity? Isn't it "dog eat dog"? Why should we stop it? Who cares?

AMERICANS NEED JOBS!    Secondly…Because if we do not help stop the ability of these cartels and corporations to inflict misery and abuse on foreign workers  in their home country, these desperate refugees  will cross our borders by the millions and live in a world of shadows and fear and darkness as "illegals

20 million are doing it now. Our existing immigration laws today do not work and that is not acceptable. We are at war with Islam and we can not survive without secure borders.

  LET us …BEGIN AGAIN and RENEW our vows of Allegiance .


We Americans can not wait on Washington any longer. An American worker has to be elected PRESIDENT LET'S TAKE IT BACK!

These jobs must return and our dreams can become real once again.

   So say us all.
   General Star Locke

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