WHO do you think actually owns all the National Forest, National Parks, off shore drilling leases, water rights to rivers, minerals and oil

Where is your check for your share of the income bounty from your forests? Who are the owners of ...all the trees and minerals harvestedfrom anynational or state or county or city land?

Does the "government own it we each American Citizen


As a Builder/Contractor no one has a greater need for wood and wood products. MILLIONS of jobs are on the line so WHY is our own Government fighting against us? If they would get out of the way and let us raise and harvest trees like we do tomatoes and carrots thenpay the real owners of the trees, there would be 10 million new jobs and hundreds of millions more dollars in the pockets of working Americans.

Read- US Constitution Article 1 sect 9 [ 7] "No money shall be drawn from the Treasury , but in consequence of appropriations made by law;"

Meaning that "our/the GOVERNMENT can NOT take, hold or spend "no money" received from ANY OTHER METHOD other than "in consequence of appropriations made by law"[that money must come from "a LAW from a BILL passed by the Congress". . THEREFORE... all / any money that our Government has been taking/making from the sale of "our" trees, lumber, or land & oil leases, fees charged in our Parks and Waterways on 'so called' Government landwill now be held by our new National CO-OP; owned by each one of YOU and Me.

"WE THE PEOPLE "........are now rich.

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When each "citizen" is a "member" of our "THE AMERICAN CO-OP" , we all share the pie. Bottom line is that all that "money" our government has been making each year is now to be paid directly into the bank account of "OUR CO-OP thus then to be send to each of we /us citizens in our own PERSONAL "checking account" We need to thank Teddy Roosevelt for his great vision of taking owner ship off all our "public lands" and "National Parks and keeping them save for posterity. "Posterity"....that is us. THANK GOD FOR TEDDY!

Thanks to that brilliant move of his ....we can now come out of this economic mess we are in and do it legally and under the rules of the US CONSTITUTION. Because we citizens own or land and our natural resources......we are here to take possession of it is now being returned to its rightfully owners - YOU & I.


The National Park Service (NP S), observes its 100th birthday. It began August 25, 1916, when President Woodrow Wilson signed the Organic Act into law, creating a new federal bureau within the Department of Interior to manage our national parks. Today 400 national parks, monuments, and historic sites across all 50 states. In Texas alone with 16 of these nationally recognized sites, and each year they attract more than five million visitors and plug more than $216 million into our TEXAS state's economy. .

Sad is that our billions $$ that has been "taken and spent and will never be paid back.. It will NEVER RETURNED to us by our own government by habit. They have been collecting OUR MONEY all these years and no one was the wiser. WELL we never stopped them! Did we? Now we can and will by simply banding together taking back our "assets " . We know about credit unions. Navy Credit Union, AGRICULTURE CREDIT CO-OP. ...TEACHERS CREDIT UNION we all heard of them. Electric CO-OPs, Phone CO-OPs and FARMERSCO-OPs are all know to us all. , d Any fees, rent, revenue, money for lumber sold from our National Forest belong to "US" and must be turned back to "us" thru our CO-OP to each one of we "members". " WE THE PEOPLE" us - own all these assets. PERIOD.

What will happen now is...that each year each "citizen" or "member" will receive a check for his or her share of all this income. YES...each of us will receive a "dividend" CHECK for our proportion SHARE " all money" taken in by the Government"but in consequence of appropriationsmade by law"

ALSO....The good news is ....if we take our new found assets and income BACK and manage our forest and seas and rivers and raw materials properly, this nation will prosper as it was designed to do. When American workers have money in their to spend...we all proper. Money spent by families creates good jobs. ..thus creating more DEMAND and more JOBS and the circle goes on and on. Also...instead of allowing millionsof acres to burn up and go up in smoke each year, it will be necessary for the Lumber Industry to cut as much lumber as humanly possible to maximize our natural resources and increase the annual check / income of each Citizen. IF WE DO THIS....after 240 years will mean that ....finally all hard working Citizens will participate in the MONEY GROWTHofour nation. The harder we each work.....the greater our income. AND THAT IS AS IT SHOULD

After all...WE THE PEOPLE own everything "public". City, county and state and national lands are OUR LANDS. . Perhaps we need to look into someof the other items "we all own" that we are now being "charged to use". Are we being ripped off by "cell phone Companies?" Who owns the airways over our nation? You do know that we are being CHARGED monthly to use our own air? WHO does own the sky? The law says...."All citizens own" all the sky and air ways above ground level. Then ...why are we having to pay to use our cell phone to make a call thur our OWN SKY? Hummmm How much more money would you have in your jeans each month?

You would pay $10 PER MONTH.

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