"IF... it is right at the bottom it is right at the top"....



Recently, a group of Veterans from South Texas finally became so frustrated that they marched on the capitol in Austin demanding to be heard!     Their cry went unnoticed by the powers that be even after they stood there at the front door of the capitol building and the Governor's office!

 If you were to count all the people who live in and around what is called "The Valley" of Texas you would have approximately one million citizens.  If you take the number of people living from Kingsville to the Coastal Bend to Laredo, you will find another half a million.   Among these million and a half citizens, you have thousands of Veterans who have served in the US military as well as those currently serving on active duty and reserve.  These are Texans, men and women, who have no Veteran's hospital to serve their needs.

 There is a small clinic in Corpus but to get to a Veteran's hospital, they are forced to drive all the way to San Antonio to Audi Murphy hospital.  A trip that long is physically impossible for many.  Other Veterans who make the long trip find it very expensive.  The high price of fuel is only part of their challenge.  The living expenses in that part of San Antonio is also very high.  If the Veterans have relatives, visitors, or someone with them who need a place to stay, this requires them to rent a motel with rates ranging from $75-150 per night!    

 How much more are we going to charge Veterans for their service? How much more must they pay for their "Honorable Discharge"? How much more abuse will be inflicted upon brave men and women of valor?

 We as citizens owe everything we have to the Veterans of the US military.  This country would not exist without the sacrifices made in blood by such warriors.    The very air we breathe is owed to American troops, many of which rest in honor and glory in forgotten cemeteries wrapped around this planet.  Since that day at Concord's bridge, Citizen Soldiers have taken up arms to defend our sacred liberties.


 One such warrior's body was laid to rest recently at FT Sam Houston National Cemetery.  A Navy crew member of a plane shot down on a mission with all hands lost over a Pacific Island was identified by DNA.  He is now home and at peace 67 years later.

We are now working with hospitals in Texas and as far away as Alaska to bring "all guns to bear" on this target. We have identified a model hospital built by the Army and the Native American Tribes who now operate the entire operation known as the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium

SEE THE ACTUAL HOSPITAL  via Satellite [CLICK HERE]  http://www.anmc.org/visitors/directions.cfm

And zoom in and out and visualize this hospital built on our location here in Harlingen.

For Information on their total operation of this CO-OP Hospital visit the actual full web site:  www.anmc.org


Also remember that we are proposing to build Cabanas will be placed across the property where family member visitors and mobile patients on their way to recovery may receive R & R.  The CABANAS opens up needed beds and helps keep down the cost to family members who need to be close to their loved ones.

HARLINGEN to HOME of the NEW Veterans Hospital

 What we can do is OWN it as a CO-OP.   The Veterans and valley people will own the Hospital  ourselves just like they did in the Alaska CO-OP Hospital.  http://www.anmc.org/    I have located a perfect location for the new Veterans Hospital here in Harlingen Texas.  I want to build this new state of the art Hospital on Publicly Owned land.   I found a perfect site right on the side of the Golf Course right off the 77 and right in the center of the residence of the valley.    A beautiful site where we can take the same blue prints [ http://www.anmc.org/  ]  used in the new Anchorage Hospital. If you look at their web site you can take the satellite photo and transpose it exactly on top of our land site. [ http://www.anmc.org/visitors/directions.cfm  ]   It is a perfect fit.

CITIZENS already OWN all Government Land

Looking for money we all need to understanding that it is "we the people" and not "we the government".  Meaning  all public land ALREADY belongs to all  we citizens.   Sometimes citizens forget that WE OWN IT ALL.  We own all the national forests, all the parks, all the right of ways and all the air above all property.  We just forgot it.  

I next went to the County Appraisal District in San Benito ask for a list of "all city and county owned property".  When they finished the massive print out, we found over $32,000,000.00 million dollars of property listed as "citizen/govt owned".  It is OURS!    What I want to do is to "cash in some of our chips".   I want to sell some of this property on the market and take the money and begin construction.  I would expect that each of the 5 counties and each city in the valley would contribute citizen land to be sold for the Hospital.    This will give us money to brake ground and as an experienced builder the brick and mortar can be hired out her with all LOCAL  talented workers.

This plan is ready to go today.   Contact me to help... --I need local movers and shakers to start "shaking" the trees and lets get going.  Each day we wait more veterans are going thru hell without local health care. They fought for us.........fair is fair!


General Locke


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